One-Minute Bible Study








The God Of Second Chances


I.  You Do Your Best, But Your Best Is Not Good Enough

Exodus 2:11-15


         For 40 years Moses had lived a life of privilege in Egypt

         He now tried to identify with his own people and their suffering

         Mosesí killing of the Egyptian was his own self-appointed attempt to become a deliverer of his people

         His heart was right and he was sensing the call of God on his life, but his method was wrong

         In todayís parlance, Moses would have been called an insurgent or a terrorist

         He had no game plan, no battle plan, no end-game; just the killing of an enemy

         Moses became a fugitive for 40 years


II.  What You Do After The Failure Is The Important Ingredient Of Success

Exodus 2:30-33

         Moses had been wise, eloquent, powerful and privileged in Pharaohís house

         But now he is a fugitive, living in exile, a time of dethroning self and enthroning God

         It was a time to take inventory of his own character, a time to grow spiritually despite failure

         Moses was unknowingly positioning himself to hear from God


III.  Godís Plan Is Perfect

Exodus 3:1-10

         After 40 years, God sent Moses back to Egypt, giving him a second chance

         Did God have to wait so long?

         The people were not ready to be delivered until now

         The promised land was not yet ready until now

         Moses was not ready to be a judge and deliverer until now

         Did God have to wait so long to send Moses back

         Yes.  Godís timing is perfect



Exodus 3:10 So now, go.  I am sending you.