Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

I. God Calls Ordinary People

  • In James 5:17:18, the writer makes a very profound statement when he claims that one of the greatest prophets and miracle workers of all time, Elijah, “was a man just like us.”
  • Yes, Elijah was an ordinary man who, too, had gone to school and graduated and then had graduated from the school of prophets.
  • In Acts 4:13, the religious leaders also made a startling announcement after they had called before them Peter and John who had just healed a crippled beggar.
  • They called Peter and John “unschooled, ordinary men,” but also took note that what set them apart was that “these men had been with Jesus.”
  • It was their relationship with God that made ordinary men accomplish extraordinary things.
  • In 1st Corinthians 1:26-31, the writer makes an equally amazing statement that God deliberately seeks out the weak things and the despised things because it is from them that He can receive the greatest glory.  Then everyone will know that only God could have done it.
  • That means if you feel week, limited and ordinary, you have the right stuff.

II. God Calls Us To Accomplish His Purposes, Not Ours

  • In Exodus 2:11-15 we find that Moses tried without God to fulfill his dream of delivering his people, but the results were disastrous.  It cost him 40 years in exile.
  • However, when Moses walked with God to deliver his people, miracles occurred.  The Egyptians gave the Israelites their gold, silver, and clothes; the country was plundered; the Egyptian army was destroyed; and the Israelites did not lose a single person.
  • Was it worth waiting 40 years to see God work and lose no life rather than starting a revolution and seeing many killed?  Of course.
  • God can accomplish more in six months through a people yielded to Him than we could do in 60 years without Him.

III. God Calls Us To Do What Only He Can Do

  • In 1st Kings 18:33-39 during the battle at Mt. Carmel against the array of false prophets, Elijah was outnumbered 450 to one.
  • In today’s terms he would have been surrounded by Stealth bombers, AWACS and ships with cruise missiles.
  • If God had not displayed His own power by coming in fire and consuming the sacrifice as Elijah had prayed, Elijah would have surely been destroyed.
  • To call down fire from heaven, Elijah needed to rely on his close relationship with God
  • He must have believed God when He said,  “Enter into a love relationship with Me.  Get to know Me.  Adjust your life to Me.  Let Me love you and reveal Myself to you as I work through you.”
  • Then when God did something only He could do, all the people knew that He was the True God.
  • List the things in our lives that we know could not be accomplished unless God intervened?

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Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.