Still Small Voice


Proverbs 3:5-6 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.


Several years back, while putting away laundry, God spoke to me in a still small voice.  I was totally focused on getting ready for the next work week.  I don’t recall there being any sound such as TV or radio.    But as clear as the TV would have sounded, I heard God speak to me about something that was to come in my life.  Right there with a freshly laundered shirt in my hand.  I heard God speak to me.  Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks and looked around the room.  Imagine the look on my face.   My surprise was not so much because He spoke; but what he said, was totally un-expectant.  It was an answer to a longtime prayer.

Before I regained my steps and continued with my never ending laundry; I thanked and praised God enormously.  Instantly, I knew in my spirit that although He gave me that new and special revelation, it would be some time before it would come to fruition.

Fast forward to a year or so ago.  I witnessed something, that to my understanding,  made what God said to me in his still small voice seem like an absolute impossibility.  I was instantly crushed.  My heart was broken in to a million pieces right there in the parking garage.  I slammed myself into the car and started a full on meltdown.  As I drove, the meltdown, in my car on a major highway was Lifetime TV ready! After all, we are talking years since God gave me this revelation.  I cried and yelled at God, and cried some more.   This cry was the serious, not so pretty variety.  I told Him that I thought I was certain of what he told me.  How could I be so wrong, God?  In my tantrum, I reminded God (in the event that He forgot) that I have been being faithful and patient.  Then it happened, right there in the midst of my level ten meltdown…the still small voice.  He said “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge me and I will make your paths straight.”  I heard Him, again!  I did the post cry heavy breathing routine and got myself together.  As I managed to pull over at my destination, I felt as if my Father calmed me down like a toddler after booboo yielding fall.

What we’re told not to lean on is our “own understanding,” meaning conclusions based primarily on our own perceptions. Our own understanding simply will not bear the full weight of reality.  So many of the things that cause us the most difficulty and heartache in life, the source of so much of our anxiety, fear, doubt, and anger with others and with God, is the result of leaning on our own understanding.

To date, what God told me years ago while doing laundry has yet to come to pass.  I don’t know when it will.  But when I get weary and doubtful God speaks to me either in a still small voice or through reading His scripture.  Over the years, He has reminded me that He is a sovereign and loving God.  My duty is to trust in Him.  In exercising faith — trusting fully in the Lord and not leaning on our own understanding — we’re not setting aside our intellect. We’re resting our wisdom and sovereignty of God. But, I am so glad that even in the throes of a storm of doubt, I hear can hear Him.  Quietly, He speaks to me.  Gently, He leads me with His still small voice.